Japanese car tuning company Fabulous usually customizes luxury sedans in the JDM market, however they went with the exotic Ferrari F430 this time and I’d say they did a fabulous job. With most of the vehicles they modify, exterior styling such as body kits, large diameter wheels, and suspension including hydraulics is their specialty. The kit you see here consists of fiber reinforced and carbon fiber pieces installed, and is available for any Ferrari F430 ’04 and up. It includes a new front bumper with spoiler attached, side skirts, a new rear wing with diffuser installed underneath, and also custom fitted exhaust ports.

Since the body kit added down force to the Ferrari and they wanted to keep the handling stable, a suspension kit was added as well. The car was lowered significantly, the body kit sitting only about an inch from the ground. Detonatore Super Chrome Mesh wheels keep the car from scrapping the pavement and measure 19″ in the front and 20″ in the rear. Anyone can customize their Ferrari with the wide range of parts and accessories that Fabulous has to offer and you can find them at Ebay.com or directly from Fabulous at Fabulous.co.jp.