Check out all the modified Scion FR-S cars we have gathered from the Tuner Challenge at SEMA this year. You will see the extreme body kits to performance upgrades and everything in between. If you have already ordered a FR-S or are looking for future upgrades, then this is the gallery for you. Three of these were entered in the Tuner Challenge where Scion gave $10,000 to the guys to customize their Scion and compete for a $15,000 prize.

The entrants were David Song with his FR-S GT, John Toca with his “Carbon Stealth” and Chris Basselgia with his “Minty Fresh” Scion FR-S. In the end, Chris’s Minty Fresh ride took home the grand prize after he popped the hood and everyone saw the supercharger with water to air intercooler and an air ride suspension. He really stretched out the $10,000 that Scion gave him because all these upgrades weren’t cheap. Congratulations to Chris for winning that extra $15,000 and providing us with some tasty ideas for the Scion FR-S sports car.

Scion FR-S Pictures