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WEITEC found success with their lime green Volkswagen project back in May, and have now released their latest tuning work on the 2010 Ford Focus RS, which looks very similar. The suspension specialists decided to customize this Focus RS with a new range of high performance products from their tuning company. Lowering springs, coilover suspension system, and sport shock absorbers are just a few of the new products WEITEC has to offer to the customer. With the addition of their SPORT F Springs, the Ford Focus rides 30 mm closer to the ground, giving it a much sportier look while improving the handling. These springs are reasonably priced at 174 Euros, but the tuners didn’t stop there.

The Ford Focus sports car then received a lime green paint job to match the tuning line that WEITEC has been releasing. An aggressive looking body kit was installed, along with daytime running lights, and a carbon fiber hood with air intake for cooling. Furthermore, the sport suspension kit improves both the driving dynamics and styling, while the Focus received a built-in guarantee of motoring enjoyment.

For the tuning enthusiasts looking for higher performance, WEITEC offers the HICON GT coilover suspension system to lower the car between 10 and 40 mm. They feature a galvanized steel housing with additional sealing to protect them from corrosion. The HICON GT comes as a complete suspension package with pre-set shock absorbers available at a price of 849 Euros. Finally, if the customer demands that their suspension needs adjustments while driving, WEITEC offers the HICON TX for the Ford Focus RS, which allowing adjustments from the drivers seat for 1,099 Euros.


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