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Without a doubt the Ford Focus RS is a car full of potential, however it’s simply not powerful enough from the factory. This is were the German tuners at Stoffler come to help with their new series of updates. Thanks to an adapted intercooler, improve fuel pump, downpipe, and suction pipe, the 2.5-liter Focus engine has been improved to deliver 356 hp and 440 Nm of torque. Customers can also choose from three different exhaust systems for optimal performance and sound, while receiving the MOT certification for driving on the street where necessary.

If you want even more, Stoffler is offering 200 cell sport catalytic converters along with GGR Sport Air Filter or the GGR Carbon Air Filter. These additions were not included in the previous performance numbers, however it will be hard to top what BBR was able to get out of their 400+ horsepower Ford Focus RS. Aesthetically speaking both versions are very similar, but when it comes down to performance, sorry Stoffler, BBR has you beat.

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