For all those gangsters and big ballers out there, Anderson Germany has released a tuning package for the Lincoln Navigator. This isn’t a typical SUV to modify, however there are always enthusiasts looking for something new. Well here it is, the murdered out Lincoln Navi with dark tints on the rear, all black wheels and a sinister hyper gloss black paint job to bring it all together. We’re surprised the front window nor the headlights received any smoke tinting. With all this black, what’s hard to notice is the numerous pieces of carbon fiber found on the Ford manufactured Lincoln Navigator.

Look closely and you can see the high grade carbon on the mirrors, front of the hood, parts of the wheels and even more inside. The interior is quite nice with the carbon fiber covering the dashboard, console, steering wheel and door covers. A very luxurious look was achieved with leather wrapping all other parts of the interior, while you can even see a Playstation 3 console in the back. Soon that will have to be upgraded to a PS4 since Playstation recently announced it’s coming soon. Stay tuned for more unique packages similar to this Lincoln Navigator from Anderson Germany.

Lincoln Navigator Pictures