Ford has just revealed their Ford Focus ST model modified by their tuning division, TeamRS. The car is available in 3 versions: ST, ST-2 and ST-3. As standard modifications, each car has 18″ rims, Recaro seats, sport steering wheel and a cool button to start the engine.  ST-2 has received a Sony audio system, bi-xenon headlights, LED tail lights and heated windscreen. In ST-3 we can find a CD player with a 6-CD box and leather tapestry.  Each cars have the same engine: a Duratec 2.5L turbo that could develop 225 HP. Focus ST can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.8 and could reach a maximum speed of 241 km/h. Those 2 stripes make it look sportier and i hope there are versions of this car with the steering wheel located in the left side of the car because it’s odd in some countries when you drive cars with the steering wheel situated in the right side of the car.