Wald International have revealed their first exterior tuning kit for the new Mercedes S-Class. The company is really good when it comes to exterior modifications at any car and this Mercedes they’ve created is simply amazing. The new body kit is made from front and rear bumpers, new side skirts and new spoilers. The car is fully painted in black and i think everyone will love it. You can choose for this car 20″ or 22″ Wald Rims that are also painted with black and create a extrodinary visual effect. But they haven’t stopped only at exterior modifications. They’ve worked at the car’s interior where they installed a lot of carbon fiber elements, a sport steering wheel and other elements that make the car look sportier. As for performance modifications, they tried to make it handle better and they’ve made small modifications and the car’s suspensions and braking system. I don’t know if the car’s code name: “Black Bison” is good for it, but i’m really sure that everyone will love it.