Carlsson and Aigner joined their forces again and proudly present the third model that emerged from their collaboration. The Carlsson Aigner CK55 Rascape is based on the Mercedes GL 500 and it’s an exclusive limited edition of 20 cars which will be revealed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The car has a striking two tone paintwork and several coats of smooth, wine-red mettalic paint have been applied on the car’s body kit. Carlsson and Aigner designed a special body kit that has wider wheel arches which are visually linked by new side skirts. The front wings of this GL500 have illuminated Aiger logos and the door rubbing strips are color coded in black. The car’s front side looks more aggressive with a new bonnet carrying larger power domes.

Under the hood the car has a large front grille and sub grilles with chromed wire mesh. The front bumper has additional driving fog lights and LED daytime lights into the lower edge of the deeper front apron extention. The rear part of the car has cut-outs for the four chromed exit pipes of the new exhaust system. The new side skirts were designed reduce aerodynamic drag and lift and they also give the car a muscle look. All body kit elements were made from PU-RIM, a flexible material used by OE manufacturers.

The Carlsson Aigner CK55 RS Mercedes GL500 is equipped with a V8 engine that has 388 HP and 530Nm of torque in standard form but after Carlsson tweaked this engine using metal catalytic converters, gas-flowed cylinder heads, high lift camshafts and a remapped engine cooling unit this stock engine reached 456HP and a maximum torque of 640Nm. After these modifications the CK55RS Rascasse is the most powerful GL in the world and could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds.