The German tuning house Peicha Design is at it again, this time with a Mercedes SL R230, releasing an exclusive body kit called the Avalange RS. It starts with a completely new look for the front, a redesigned front bumper with custom grille that holds the Mercedes emblem costing 1,985 euros. Aftermarket daytime running lights and fog lights are included with the front package. A new rear bumper from the Avalange RS kit will cost 1,390 euros and the carbon fiber diffuser is still only optional. The bumper allows for the Quadro exhaust system to be installed, which consists of four chrome tips, and the complete exhaust will run you 1,475 euros.

The Avalange RS body kit definitely transforms this Mercedes SL R230 into a sporty aggressive roadster, but doesn’t come cheap. The sharp looking side skirts cost 1,100 euros, and they also offer a rear spoiler for 275 euros. But for the price, Piecha Design guarantees that the kit is designed and produced for a perfect fit and assembles in all the original spots. To top off the ride, large 20″ dp3 Avalange rims give this Mercedes a unique look. The Piecha Design Avalange RS  model will premiere in the exhibition booth of Eurotuner’s Best, at the Tuning World Bodensee in Friedrichshafen.

[Source: Piecha Design]