Tuning Companies

Here at FancyTuning there are a many articles about modified cars from car tuning companies all over the world. Check out this list to find the great tuning companies that were mentioned on our website:

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  3. These are both U.S. and worldwide companies, but mostly worldwide. HKS focuses on accessories and part manufacturing.

  4. Hi Paul, sorry we are not familiar with any Dallas tuners. Most the cars we cover are tuned in Europe. I’d recommend Google searching dallas forums for car enthusiasts or possibly a 370z forum to find out who’s the best in the south. Thanks

  5. ae adoro oque voces faz nos carros,se eu pode-se eu levaria ai para customizar o meu carro mas nao tenho $$$$ kkk meu carro e um ford ka ano 97 eu morono brasil …..um abraço xau

  6. whatever happend to Tommy Kaira or Mine’s tuning? Theres Heffner performance as well as Lingenfelter.

  7. Yes, we know this page is outdated. There will be many improvements coming soon…stay tuned!

  8. Hi, I would like to customize my 2009 Station Wagon Land Rover Defender (interior and exterior look) in South Africa or Namibia (close to my country, Angola).
    Would you recommend any of these companies.

    Regards, Martin

  9. alles over tuning , boss statement is een exclusive concept , kom eens langs en plaats ook je eigen wagen op ons tuning forum

  10. Is there a Top honest Mechanick to make a right and nice Tuning with Aerokit to my car , a Porsche Cayman S, Mod 2007, 6 Manual Speed? I”am also a Mechanick, but i know that i will not do it Perfect.I believe that there will be someone honest that Really knows about cars and Right Tunings every detail in order to tell him what i want and to ask how much will his work cost. I have told many Mechanicks, and Bussinesman what I want but nobody tells me the price. Of course approximately. I”am not a Rich Man, and i must do my estimations. Only one told me the Price and well done , but i could ask the Triple. He was one of the Top Mechanicks, and not only, Very Well know At His KIND and Real Man.Nobody tells you <come here to do it Perfect, and Pay me when you can without having Any Trouble!!!!!!! It is not luck that he reached the Top having such a Great Character. Zisis Kotsou. E-mail: zkotsou@gmail.com

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