SpeedART Porsche Boxster Tuning Package

SpeedART is now ready to launch their Porsche Boxster tuning package after releasing some teaser images earlier this year. They have created kits for both the S and standard model with a couple different stages of tuning. Starting off with the Stage 1, the sports car receives a custom exhaust with sport catalysts and new headers to increase the output by 20 Hp and 20 Nm of torque. The results are 261 horsepower for the 2.7-liter flat-six Boxster and 311 HP for the 3.4-liter flat-six engine.

SpeedART Porsche 911 Upcoming At Geneva

The tuners at SpeedART have teased us with their latest package for the Porsche 911 set to display at the Geneva Motor Show. A new aero kit called the SP91-R which features some styling improvements up front and a CS rear wing out back. Customers will have the option of 20/21-inch LSC forged rims along with a new sport suspension if they’d like. Under the hood, SpeedART offers a new sports exhaust system and a re-programmed ECU to squeeze some extra power from the 3.4-liter boxer powerplant. This tuning provides an additional 25 PS and 20 newton meters of torque to the rear wheels.

SpeedART Porsche Cayenne EVO XL 600

The second generation of the Porsche Cayenne has been impressive, however the tuners from SpeedART have made it even more appealing. It was announced earlier this year, and now the Porsche Cayenne Titan EVO-XL 600 package is on sale. The longtime Porsche tuning firm started off with a wide body kit consisting of a new front apron, fender flares, rear apron, diffuser, side skirts, and a roof spoiler. A two-tone paint scheme along with 22 or 23-inch lightweight alloy rims complete the exterior styling.

SpeedArt Porsche Cayenne Titan EVO-XL 600

Check out the 2011 Porsche Cayenne Titan EVO-XL 600, the latest offering from the SpeedART tuning company. It will be unveiled in March at the Geneva Motor Show, instead of the more expected Essen Motor Show. The Cayenne Titan EVO-XL may remind consumers of a previous car, and indeed the XL is a hint that it is the Titan EVO in a wider-body version. We’re not to sure about the exterior graphics on this Porsche, however the performance numbers speak for themselves. Hit the jump for more information and pictures.

SpeedART Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

The German tuning firm at SpeedART has unveiled the latest customization program for the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid. Adding more power and improving the cars styling was essential, however doing all this without affecting the pure electric mode was a hefty task. The Porsche Cayenne Hybrid still kept its zero CO2 emissions and great fuel consumption thanks to the specialists at SpeedART. Under the hood, the car tuning company tweaked the 3.3-liter supercharged V6 hybrid engine to raise its numbers beyond the factory 333 horsepower.

SpeedART Porsche 997 Turbo

The world renowned tuning company SpeedART has released a new custom program for the Porsche 997 Turbo called the BTR II 580. The name stands for Bi-Turbo-Racer, and is the second generation of Porsche tuning completed by SpeedART. This new project is based off the 2010 Porsche 977 Turbo that comes with a 3.8-liter engine and a PDK gearbox. Improvements under the hood increased the horsepower by 80 and brought the torque up by 120 Nm. This was accomplished with aftermarket parts such as a modified motronic sports exhaust system with 200 cell catalytic converters along with the standard ECU tuning.

Porsche GT2 SpeedART BTR-XS 650 extreme

German tuning house SpeedART has taken the wraps off its latest crazy fast Porsche sports car, a heavily boosted version of the already extreme Porsche 997 GT2. After going under the knife the car comes out with increased power and torque, custom wheels and suspension upgrades, lifting performance to the levels expected from only the most exotic of supercars. Furthermore speedART offers individual interior design, sport seats, sport steering wheels and special leather or alcantara applications depending on customer requests. Final numbers for the modified Porsche GT2 stand at 650hp and 859Nm of torque. This increase of 120hp and 180Nm over the standard car’s 530hp and 685Nm of torque is possible due to modified VTG turbochargers, a sport exhaust with twin tail pipes, sport catalytic converters, new headers, bigger intercoolers and an optimized Motronic ECU update.