Wheelsandmore Bentley Continental GT, GTC and GT Speed

The tuners at Wheelsandmore have released some new accessories for the Bentley Continental GT, GTC and GT Speed models. An electronic lowering module is available for the front end to go along with the 21 and 22-inch alloy wheels wrapped in Continental Sport Contact 5P tires. Performance modifications consist of several ECU options for each model to boost the power.

Chrysler Sebring Bentley Continental GT Supersports Replica

Here is an accurate Bentley Continental GT replica based on a Chrysler Sebring. If only the interior was completed then it would be almost impossible to tell the difference. The exterior looks identical and the attention to detail with the body lines is near perfect. With the use of OEM Bentley Continental headlights, tailights, exhaust tips and emblems, it will surely trick the average bystander.

Mansory Bentley Continental GT and GTC Kit

At the Geneva Motor Show last week, Mansory released this nice package for the Bentley Continental GT and GTC that didn’t get much coverage. This was because the tuners also had a brand new Lamborghini Aventador grabbing most of the attention, while a McLaren MP4-12C and Mercedes CLS 63 AMG stood in the other spotlight. There are many Bentley tuning enthusiasts out there who want to style their luxury sports car, so check out the details after the jump.

Vorsteiner Bentley Continental GT BR-10 Kit

After announcing plans to construct the Bentley Continental GT BR-10 kit, Vorsteiner has now released the complete pictures and a video of what the car will look like when completed. The teaser pics had us wanting more, and now we can see that Vorsteiner came through with more aesthetically pleasing aftermarket parts. Included in this Bentley Continental GT BR-10 package is a new carbon fiber body kit with new front spoiler, re-designed side skirts, and carbon fiber diffuser that fits perfectly with the stock bumper.

Imperium Bentley Continental GT

UK-based tuning house Imperium has sent these renderings to a British customer interested in fixing up his Bentley Continental GT. With the price tag of these high-end luxury rides, it’s becoming more common to have tuners send a sample of what the final product will be. We see here that the modified Bentley Continental GT will feature custom body work with new front and rear bumpers, side skirts with carbon fiber details, boot lip spoiler, and a carbon fiber rear diffuser. If that’s not enough, a fancy red paint job brings out the true blood of the car.

Amari Design Bentley Continental GT

The new tuners from Amari Design have released some teaser pictures of the Bentley Continental GT they have been working on. Their tuning company is based in the UK, and this package consists of a new body kit, interior mods, and performance parts under the hood. First the aftermarket supercharger was installed, along with a sport exhaust system, and new ECU. Amara Design stated that the Bentley Continental now produces 750 horsepower, while riding on larger alloy rims and high performance tires. Exterior styling improvements came next.

Dartz Bentley Continental GT SS

There’s been a good number of Bentley cars to hit the tuning scene, the latest being the Continental GT from Dartz. The Russian tuning firm unveiled their new take on the Bentley Continental with the special “SS” logo and white snake skin vinyl. Dartz has been a custom shop that specializes in ridiculously expensive cars, tuning them for people who have nothing better to spend their money on. This Bentley Continental GT SS fits the exact type of insane project these tuners frequently do. Now the trick here to these pictures is you must look very closely to see the snake skin material.

TopCar Bentley Continental GT Bullet Grey

A new version of the Bentley Continental GT has be released by tuning firm TopCar. Back in 2009 they launched the blacked out edition for the Bentley, and this time the Bullet Grey edition features new carbon fiber inserts along with other aftermarket parts. For the exterior, TopCar started off with addition air intakes in the bonnet, a GT Speed radiator grille, LED daytime running lights, front bumper lip, blacked out lights all around, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear wing, and lower side moldings. Chrome exhaust tips from the high performance exhaust round out the cars styling, and the new paint job gives us a completely new Bentley Continental GT.

Onyx Bentley Continental GT Platinum GTO

No, it’s not a Pontiac GTO, this is the new Bentley Continental GT Platinum GTO tuned by the team at Onyx. They have taken this “Camry for rich folks” car, and unleashed a stunning package to transform the way it looks and performs. Onyx was able to boost the W12 engine that previously boasted 550 horsepower, and push it beyond 640 hp. Aerodynamic enhancements to the Bentley Continental GT include a re-styled front bumper with carbon fiber, LED daytime running lights, and a carbon fiber front splitter. Additions to the rear consist of a new rear bumper with carbon fiber diffuser and deck lid spoiler. Onyx was able to fit large 22-inch matte black wheels on the Bentley Platinum GTO, and more information is available in the press release after the jump.

TopCar Bentley Continental GT Blacked Out

Here we have a 2009 Bentley Continental GT that has been blacked out by the Russian car tuning specialists at TopCar. The new aerodynamic package shows all black custom parts for that Russian Mafia look. The body kit is named the ‘Bullet’ and consists of redesigned bumpers, new front grille, LED daytime running lights, and several vents throughout. A new front lip was installed, along with the side skirts, and a carbon fiber rear diffuser underneath. The new tuning kit from TopCar is available for both the Bentley Continental GT and the GT Speed models.