Shelby Automobiles has released a bundle of new packages for the Mustang and one includes the 2010 Ford Mustang GT500 Super Snake. Several of the other models that Shelby customizes are the Mustang GT, Shelby GT, and the GT500. Starting off with the first option, the Shelby GT/SC model adds a supercharger, upgraded brakes, and gauges installed in the dash. The second option, the Shelby GT/SR is the same as the first but with some extras for racing benefits, such as BFGoodrich R performance compound tires, one-piece aluminum driveshaft, and an adjustable suspension. The third package is for the regular Mustang GT that includes a supercharger, aftermarket brakes, suspension kit, and a performance exhaust.

If you’d like to go all out, they have the special edition GT500SE package that really customizes the Mustang GT and makes it unique. This package adds on a carbon fiber front splitter, grille inserts, rocker panels, Ford Racing suspension, Borla exhaust, and a 20 inch wheel and tire combo. If you have the new 2010 model then you can choose the Shelby Super Snake package for the latest GT500 and it boosts the performance numbers to 725 horsepower with a supercharger installation on the Ford Mustang.

[Source: autoblog]