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A tuning company from California, called Royal Muffler have released this modified BMW M3 with a sharp look. A new aerodynamic body kit consisting of a redesigned front bumper, side skirts, and an aggressive bonnet were installed. Their tuning firm has over 30 years of experience customizing sports cars, and this BMW M3 is the latest work. With a unique white and black paint scheme, the cars roof was painted black, and the carbon fiber hood with several air vents adds extra style.

Details for this package are still limited, but it is likely that Royal Muffler performed some ECU tuning to increase the horsepower numbers. They have only released these images along with a teaser video below for the BMW M3. There is an aftermarket exhaust system hooked up underneath, so there are some performance gains from that. More information will be included once the company has its official release.

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    Royal Muffler BMW M3 will become one of the grate make of BMW.

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