Here we have some new products available for the Audi R8 from the tuning company Switzer Performance. The new packages enhance the performance figures for both the V8 and V10 versions; each individually priced. For the 4.2-liter V8 Audi R8, the guys at Switzer were able to increase the output to 440 hp with some simple ECU tuning. The tuning costs $1,995 and is compatible with the stock components, such as the intake and exhaust. For those with the more powerful engine, Switzer Performance offers several parts to gain some impressive numbers.

If you own an Audi R8 with the 5.2-liter V10 motor, then Switzer is able to perform the same tuning modifications to boost the car to 550 hp. That performance package is priced at $3,995, but the company also offers new air filters with a carbon fiber airbox to add an extra 10-15 horsepower. The exterior styling of the Audi was left stock by the firm, however they do have a few optional interior upgrades. LiDar detectors can be placed in the mirror, full iPod and iPhone integration can be installed in the car, and custom illuminated door sills are an option.

[Source: carsroute]