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I’ve written a lot of articles about cars but after i’ve seen a great motorcycle discussion i’ve decided to add motorcycle tuning news and articles to this website. Custom motorbikes are really great and they could match any modified car. You can tune a motorcycle’s performances using several tuning kits and there are a lot of companies that could improve your bike. I remember i’ve seen a lot of episodes of American Chopper on Discovery and i always wanted a bike like that but maybe my dreams will come true in the future. If you’ll install a new turbocharger kit your motorcycle will gain more power and you’ll certainly see the difference when you’ll accelerate. But don’t tune it’s performances too much because riding a motorcycle is pretty risky. Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda or even the great Harley Davidson bikes could be modified to create a unique, custom made bike as you desire. Motorcycle tuning involves changing the paint color, installing tuning kits, modifying the look of several parts and changing rims. As i’ve seen on this harley forum there are a lot of passionate internet users that love Harleys so i’ll just post a couple of pictures with modified Harleys and i’ll let you enjoy them.

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  1. That first bike, the gold one, isn’t a Harley. It’s a Yamaha. Almost definitely a Wild Star, possibly the 1600 or maybe the later 1700 version.

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