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GAD Motors Builds a Monster out of the Brabus Bullit


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The tuning professionals at GAD Motors have developed this insane Mercedes C-Class Coupe that was originally a Brabus Bullit. Back in early 2012, Brabus was able to fit a V12 from a S-Class under the hood of this small C-Class.

They also increased the displacement from 5.5-liters to 6.3-liters and installed a twin turbos to boost the output to an amazing 800 horses and 1,420 Nm of torque! However, this wasn’t enough for GAD Motors.

GAD Motors Brabus Bullit 2


These aftermarket tuners took it to the next level with upgraded turbochargers, new intercoolers, injectors and custom air intake box. After the ECU tuning brought everything in check, the Mercedes C-Class put down a whopping 907 horsepower.

Torque remained the same, almost too much if you ask me because this car is such a lightweight, but Autobild claims it is the fastest Mercedes they’ve ever tested. At the track this once a Brabus Bullit, now turned into a monster by GAD, was able to sprint from 0 to 186 mph in just 23.5 seconds.

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