Brabus always tries to impress us with fine modified cars and their latest project is based on a Mercedes-Benz GL V8. They improved the car’s exterior by adding a new front sporting bumper that has a beautiful design with four big openings. They also installed a new sporting wing that is connected to the car’s trunk and the stock rear bumper was replaced with a new one that is completely different to suit the car’s new design. In the interior you will be amazed how luxurious this car can be. Everything is made from finest materials like dark and light leather, alcantara and spiced with aluminum and carbon fiber elements. Brabus is a tuning company that will also modify each car’s performances and this Mercedes GL has received a performance kit that boosts it’s diesel engine power with 33-34 HP. The version that is equipped with petrol engine will receive 72 additional HP and this 2.5 tons SUV will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6 seconds. They also improved the car’s suspension system and brakes because you need more handling and stability to drive this speedy SUV. The finishing touch was instaliing 22″ 5-spoke rimes that are equipped with ZR tires.