The tuning specialists from Hamann are well known for their German customizations, but this time they turned to the Italian supercars and modified the Ferrari California. They offer an ECU tuning package that reprograms the computer giving a 20% improvement over the stock numbers. The Ferrari California’s 4.3-liter V8 is boosted to 552 horsepower after the tune, and Hamann installed several aerodynamic parts. These include custom side vents, side skirts, and a custom rear wing which are available in either fiberglass or carbon fiber. A new carbon fiber two-piece front spoiler with integrated side moldings was also made to fit the Ferrari California aftermarket body kit.

Topping it off are 21 inch alloy wheels from Hamann, and they even installed four new progressive suspension springs to improve handling. The springs can lower the Ferarri California by more than an inch. Hamann customized the interior with aluminum pedals and custom leather trim if requested by the customer. Pricing has not yet been released by Hamann, however the Ferarri California with its convertible hardtop is a sharp looking vehicle.

[Source: motorauthority]