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G-Tech Fiat 500 Sportster Tuning


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The German tuning company G-Tech has released a new package for the Fiat 500 they are calling the Sportster. This Fiat was lucky enough to be stripped down and chopped up to make it more sporty while receiving a baby blue paint job. However, to make a Fiat 500 a true sports car, performance modifications under the hood are necessary. This is why G-Tech has put together two different packages for the 1.4-liter four cylinder turbocharged powerplant.

Customers have the option of either 221 bhp or 335 bhp depending on the aftermarket parts used and the ECU tuning to have them functioning properly. The tuners haven’t released the specifics on the parts used, but both are substantial improvements to the factory specifications. This leads us to believe that a larger turbo along with new fuel injectors, intercooler, intake and exhaust modifications just to name a few have been performed on the Fiat 500 Sportster.

What we can see from the pictures are several styling mods to the body, featuring a new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and diffuser holding the dual exhaust tips. Inside the new sporty Fiat 500 are some minor tweaks with the addition of Racaro racing seats, MOMO steering wheel and stainless steel racing pedals.

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