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First Custom 2011 Chrysler 300C


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Check out this, one of the first modded 2011 Chrysler 300C cars to be fully customized in almost every aspect looks wise. Besides under the hood, the exterior styling of this popular tuner car in the United States received everything you could imagine. Crafted by John Fortuno aka Fatchance, he has called this project the Fatchance 2.0, and by the name you can tell he already had some runs with the older Chrysler 300 and 300C models pre-2010. Typically these tuning cars are murdered out with black paint, black rims, dark tint, and sometimes chrome accents, so it’s refreshing to see one out of the norm. This Chrysler 300 made its debut along with the “S” concept cars at the Annual Spring Festival of LXs this past weekend in California.

We can say that John Fortuno did a nice tuning job with this 300C, giving it darker headlamps to contrast the white body, a new front grill, mesh inserts, custom fog light trims, as well as tinted windows. With the body being white, a matte black finish for the grill surrounds is suitable, along with new mirrors bumper trims and logos all around. The Chrysler 300C was dropped to the ground and now rides on 22-inch forged alloy rims wrapped in Nitto high performance tires. These tires measure up to be 255/30/22 up front, and 295/25/22 at the rear, while appearing to have the perfect fitment. Can’t say it handles like a race car since we didn’t get a ride, but the car looks fancy, so it’s worth a spot in the list of Chrysler’s. Fortuno plans to have it completely finished and tuned by the time the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas rolls around.

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