This Bentley replica doesn’t look half bad, based off a Chrysler Sebring, which seems like a decent car for building a replica of a Continental GTC. It’s definitely better than the old Pontiac Fiero’s people are using to build Ferrari and Lamborghini replicas. Was listed on eBay and the auction has already ended, with no bids unfortunately, so we’re not sure if it will ever be completed. However, for the money, this Bentley replica seems like a good car investment if someone can finish it to look exactly like the real deal. The seller claims that he will be finishing the carpet, adding a new windscreen, door mirrors, and a custom dual exhaust with real Bentley tips. Pictures also show authentic Bentley interior pieces, but a dashboard will need to be custom made to fit these. Then it will need the seats upholstered, a new convertible top, sound system, and navigation to make it look 100% genuine.

At a list price of $20,000 USD, this doesn’t seem like a bad deal at all for a Bentley Continental GTC. Could still use another five grand to complete if you were to send it to a custom shop, but there’s no way you could even come close to owning a real Bentley at this price. Sure, you could get a older Sebring for much less, yet replica building is a tough job, and very time consuming. It takes great attention to detail, and years of shop experience to get the body molding done right. So, what’s your thoughts on this Bentley replica? Stud or dud?

*Update: Talked with the seller and the Bentley replica was sold.

[Source: carscoop]