The UK tuning company BBR has recently made their new package for the Ford Focus RS MK2 available to the public. With their 4-stage upgrade kit, priced at a reasonable £8,500, tuners can achieve 404 HP. For starters, the stage one kit includes an ECU upgrade accompanied by a new silicone air induction hose increasing power to about 342 bhp with 500 Nm of torque. This upgrade may appeal to some while many tuning fanatics spend about £1,440, to go the extra mile with the stage 2 package. Customers can expect a new air filter, new silicone air inlet hoses, a complete remap of the car’s ECU, along with a performance intercooler. All in all, this upgrade is capable of increasing the Ford Focus RS MK2’s power to an impressive 355 bhp accompanied by 512 Nm of torque.

If this is still not enough for the average tuner, a third phase, available for £2,495 can be installed to achieve 382 bhp with 525 Nm of torque. This includes larger fuel injectors, a new performance stainless steel exhaust from BBR and air flow tuning along with more ECU modifications. For those lacking ability or desire, these upgrades are installed for about £345. If this still isn’t enough, for only £3,895 and installation costs of £595, customers will receive a new turbocharger boosting overall power to about 404 HP and 553 Nm of torque. To accompany this increase in power, owners of the Ford Focus RS MK2 will receive a new set of performance springs and adjustable dampers to help compensate for the difference.
[Source: carsroute]