Even though the Audi RS5 was recently released, the tuners from MTM have been some of the first to launch a tuning program for the car that is confirmed on the U.S market in 2012. The German specialists just unveiled their initial package that includes a few improvements. First, the styling upgrades consist of a 19 or 21-inch wheel kit, 20 mm spacers for a wider stance, and an aftermarket exhaust with throttle valves. The Audi RS5 performance figures weren’t raised, however the tuning company removed the cars speed limiter. But the price to have this done is a little too much for the average joe.

For the removal of the top speed limitation, MTM chargers 1,499 Euros, and upon completion, the Audi RS5 is able to reach an amazing 303 km/h. I don’t know anywhere in the world, besides the Autobahn, where that kind of speed would be allowed, or even possible. However, this is only the first try from the MTM tuning firm, and in the next few months they plan to add an F-Cantronic for the air suspension, extra performance upgrades, and some custom styling and interior work.

[Source: MTM]