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The tuners at Prindiville Design have released a new special edition package for the Land Rover Defender. It features several styling upgrades for the exterior, a few interior improvements, and of course some tuning under the hood. The 2.4L TDI will have four levels of performance upgrades, boosting the stock 122 HP to around 190 horsepower with 460 Nm of torque. This will allow the Defender SUV to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds, which is decent for a large diesel truck. Aftermarket parts in the engine bay include a new turbocharger with high flow intercooler, silicon hoses, and ECU tuning to wrap it all together.

Reserve your Land Rover Defender today because Prindiville only plans to produce 25 of these units. All of them will receive exterior parts such as new 18-inch alloy rims, performance springs for the suspension, a new brake kit, and a titanium high performance exhaust unit. Extra styling features consist of a matte or metallic paint finish, chrome side step runners, LED front and rear headlights, as well as cameras for parking assistance. These are some great options, yet the new Defender and Range Rover luxury 4x4s are supposed to be off-road vehicles. It will be interesting to see how it performs on the street.

Inside the Prindiville Land Rover Defender, customers will experience superb luxury items with a new set of Cobra seats, leather steering wheel, and a customized center console with a built in LCD TV. Bluetooth, internet capabilities, and satellite navigation with a full surround sound system round out the package. This extraordinary special edition modified Land Rover Defender can be yours for a price of 52,000 GBP or $81,500 USD.

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