CFC, which stands for Car Film Components, is a German based tuner who decided to pimp out this Hummer H2 with several chrome accessories. They claim this build to be pretty sexy, but honestly I could only see popular rappers such as Lil Wayne or Drake driving a car like this. Their tuning firm decided to wrap the Hummer H2 SUV in chrome vinyl, and black out the windows with tint before adding the CFC stickers on the side. The most attracting feature on the vehicle are definitely the huge 28-inch light alloy chrome wheels from TunerShop, which come wrapped in 325/35 R28 tires from Kumho. Moving to the interior however, CFC went over the top on this Hummer H2.

Inside the CFC Hummer H2, you will find 17 LCD screens, HDTV, DVD player, a powerful 1.360w RMS sound system, mini bar, black leather seats, and a new sofa in the back with yellow trim all around the dashboard to match the stitching. I don’t really see the purpose of adding 17 LCD monitors, it’s sort of like asking someone to steal your car, since that many electronics would be considered a shop over a functioning vehicle. But at least we can say the tuners attempted to improve the performance. CFC was able to increase the power output to 480 hp with some tuning. They even installed a new exhaust system, chrome side guards, and Lambo style doors, which you don’t see too often on a Hummer H2.

[Source: carsroute]