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This bold head turner Hummer H2 Kompressor received some fancy tuning by Geiger Cars, and they named it the Hummer H2 Latte Macciatto. The tuners from Geiger Cars at GeigerCars.de developed an extensive styling package for the Hummer H2, and performance was increased as well to go along with the looks. Final power output from the truck is 547 PS and 763 Nm of torque from an added supercharger and engine tuning. With these modifications it is relatively quick for its size, running 0-100 km/h in 6.9 seconds, and has a top speed of 228 km/h. Geiger Cars really performed some car tuning on the Hummer H2 Latte Macciatto by redesigning the whole interior, custom painting the exterior, and adding ridiculously large 30 inch chrome rims.

The complete car received a brown and creme or beige color scheme, while the interior was hooked up with a matching Alcantara roof, leather seats, and a mounted DVD monitor. For the exterior’s 30 inch monster wheels, additional suspension parts were needed, and include extra stabilizers, rear axle struts, adjustable shock absorbers, and they were even able to lower the car with springs despite the 30 inch rims. Other performance pieces that were installed are a Brembo brake kit, and a stainless steel sports exhaust system.

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