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German car wrap specialists CCG Automotive have customized this Dodge Challenger SRT8 with some unique exterior styling and serious power under the hood. While we thought Lambo doors were a thing of the past, they do make an appearance occasionally no matter how ridiculous they look. Perhaps the nicest aftermarket parts are the Asanti rims with Pirelli Scorpion Zero Rollers to fit perfectly under the widen fenders. The tuners then covered the sports car with their lime green car wrap featuring white racing stripes on the hood, roof and doors.

CCG Automotive sent the Dodge Challenger SRT-8 to performance tuning specialists Monschau for improved power output. Monschau increased the displacement of the V8 HEMI from 6.1-liters to 7.0-liter with their stroker kit. Since this Challenger will be expensive on the gas these days, the car received a PRINS Liquefied Petroleum Gas system (LPG). After the Dodge Challenger tuning under the hood, the performance numbers were boosted to 600 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. These results are a nice increase from the factory 425 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque.

Some final aftermarket parts consist of a KW coilover suspenson kit because Dodge Challenger’s are known to have a bad suspension setup off the lot. Inside, all the cheap plastic accessories were covered with newly placed Alcantara and black leather with red stitching. Topping the CCG Dodge Challenger SRT8 off are 13 SRT high performance loudspeakers from Kicker, a 200 watt Kickert SRT subwoofer and 322 watt Kicker SRT amplifier to bring it all together.

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