Debuting at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas next week will be the new Brembo GT-R Racing Brakes. The top of the line GT-R racing brake kit will be available for high-end cars like Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, and more looking for the best brake system on the market. Pictures you see here are never before seen images from Italy, and show a race tested nickle plating exterior. The nickle plating is what F1 race teams use with their cars which are 10% lighter than the current Brembo brakes on the market. These GT-R Racing Brakes are much stiffer, provide better modulation, and in the end have a better braking response over the older design. The Brembo calipers feature better thermo-mechanical resistance through vented piston inserts.

Originally, Brembo brake kits used to only come from ALMS, Grand Am, World Rally, BTTC, and JGTC so they were only made for custom racing systems. The maintenance and care required to keep them working properly turned many average car tuning enthusiasts away from the GT-R kits. Even the amateur level racers were not able to keep up with the operating temperatures, and the ability to monitor caliper temps to keep the brake system properly tuned. This new line of Brembo high performance brakes was designed for entry level performance with the strongest and most reliable plating. Now a simple caliper temperature sticker can monitor the brakes to make sure the racer has the optimal setup. Brembo will deliver the brake tuning kits to the USA on January 1st, and preorders can be made at Vivid Racing.