Lumma BMW M6

German cars are luxurious and stylish but most of them lack that aggressive look that only Italian supercars have. This BMW M6 received a new design from Lumma and if it wouldn’t have that BMW grille this ride would look like an italian supercar. The guys from Lumma tried to keep up with the desires of many m6 drivers and they changed the car’s bodywork a lot. The new body kit has new spoilers, blinds, bonner, tailgate and most people won’t realize this car is a BMW if they don’t see it’s front side. The car is wider than the stock version and it was also lowered to have more stability and an aggressive and attractive look. Lumma Design BMW M6 could also receive interior modifications to satisfy any customer.

LUMMA Design BMW X6 CLR X 650

Lumma Design is well known for making extreme modifications to any car they decide to improve. They named their latest creation CLR X 650 and it’s based on the new BMW X6. The car will be revealed at the Essen Motor Show pretty soon. As we can see from the photos, the CLR X 650 has a wide body kit made from new front and rear spoilers and a lot of extensions that make this ride wider. The guys from Lumma Design also lowered this car’s suspension with 35 mm and they equipped this ride with 23″ rims. The car’s interior impresses everyone with leather and Alcantara insertions, a hi-tech multimedia system and a lot of accessories.

Hartge BMW 135i Coupe

The german car tuner Hartge has revealed a new tuning kit for BMW 135i Coupe. With a new control unit the 135i Coupe modified by Hartge has gained 44 HP and it’s 3.0L twin-turbo engine can develop 350 HP and 340 Nm. With these performance improvements the 135i Coupe can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds and it could reach a maximum of 280 km/h. This power boost won’t change the car’s fuel usage which is pretty small for a fast car. Hartge also created a special body kit that has an extension for the front spoiler, new side skirts, a rear diffuser and a small rear wing. The car is a lot more aggressive than a stock BMW 135i and received stylish 20″ rims as a finishing touch.

Hamann BMW X6

BMW X6 is already a very popular SUV and every famous car tuner wants to modify this car. The X6 is a radical car that combines the sweet look of a coupe with luxury and offroad performances of an SUV. The car has a clever 4×4 system and hybrid power under the hood. Longer, wider and lower than the X5, the X6 has an aggressive look and every single body panel is unique.

Hartge, Lumma and AC Schnitzer where the first ones that modified this supreme car and now the guys from Hamann created a special tuning kit for this lovely car.

AC Schnitzer BMW convertible

After they modified the BMW 1-Series coupe, the specialists from AC Schnitzer have started to modify this lovely BMW 1-Series convertible. They named this convertible ACS1 Cabriolet and they improved the car’s performances a lot. This car also received a completely new body kit that makes it look stronger. AC Schnitzer added 23 HP to the 120d engine, 36 HP to the 123d engine and the strongest engine, 135i, received 60 additional HP. The car also received a new exhaust system that creates a lovely sound for everyone. Just like the BMW 1-Series Coupe that AC Schnitzer recently modified, this cabriolet has received new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a small spoiler.

Hamann BMW M3

Hamann impressed everyone with their latest modified car. This supreme BMW M3 has received a lot of modifications, different performance tuning kits and several styling kits. When we talk about performance, this car has two modifying kits. The first one will add 15 HP and 25 and the M3 could reach the maximum speed of 300 km/h. If that is not enough for you then you could choose the Sportkit HM/M that would make the engine develop 455 HP and a maximum torque of 448 Nm. With this tuning kit the car could reach a maximum speed of 320 km/h. Since the car is sportier now, they had to make other modifications for it and they’ve created a new suspension system and a high performance braking system for this lovely M3.

AC Schnitzer GP3.10 Gas Powered BMW

AC Schnitzer is one of the few companies that has tried to modify cars and turn them to go with LPG. GP3.10 is a sporting coupe BMW that is capable to burn LPG and it’s a great mix between tuning and ecological rules. Despite the fact that this car is Gas Powered, you will be amazed on how speedy it is. The car was modified from a BMW 33i Coupe and they guys from AC Schnitzer have installed one of the best BMW engines – the V10 aggregate from BMW M6. The engine has modified engine cooling unit, new exhaust system and a sport catalyzer that make it develop 552 HP at over 8000 rpm.

BMW M5 by G-Power

When we reffer to a BMW “M” series we know that the car is a sporting luxury one made by the best BMW engineers. Owning a car like this one is probably a dream for each of us and even though the price is a bit high, it’s surely worth every penny. The BMW M5 has one of the most powerful engines of 2006, an engine that could reach over 500 HP at 7,750 rpm. Even though the car’s really beautiful from stock, the guys from G-Power thought it could use their touch. They tried to make the car’s exterior more stylish and added a lot of carbon fiber elements that would also make that lighter. New front bumper is really elegant, side skirts match the car’s design perfectly and in the rear part a new rear bumper that includes a diffuser improving air low under the car.

BMW M3 – sport or muscle car?


BMW always impress us with dozen of cars but M3 was one of the best cars they’ve made. Even though you might have a stock M3, it’s performances are really great and if you’re going to a tuning company you could get the best out of it. For example, check out this BMW M3 E46. The car looks like a muscle car and from what i can see, it’s a serious competition for Ford Mustang. It would be a tough choice to choose one of them but if you want to modify your BMW like this one, then it’s worth every penny. Under the hood you’ve got a strong engine that received few modifications and it reached 500 HP from those initial 343 HP.

Honda Civic or BMW?

BMW Civic

When you’ll see this car you’ll definitely say it’s a BMW 5 series because it looks exactly like one. The car’s body kit is exactly the same as a BMW, car’s attitude is also the same but, are you definitely sure that this is a BMW? It’s true, it’s not a regular one. This one has supreme pearlescent color, great rims and fancy tuning but, if you’ll open the hood, you’ll be really confused. The car has a 4 cylinder engine, and there’s written “Honda”. If you’ll look in the interior, it also has a couple of elements from Honda. And now, you’ve solved the mistery. This is a Honda Civic which was supreme tuned by it’s owner, to look as a BMW from the outside, with all elements that a 5-series BMW has.