AC Schnitzer is one of the few companies that has tried to modify cars and turn them to go with LPG. GP3.10 is a sporting coupe BMW that is capable to burn LPG and it’s a great mix between tuning and ecological rules. Despite the fact that this car is Gas Powered, you will be amazed on how speedy it is. The car was modified from a BMW 33i Coupe and they guys from AC Schnitzer have installed one of the best BMW engines – the V10 aggregate from BMW M6. The engine has modified engine cooling unit, new exhaust system and a sport catalyzer that make it develop 552 HP at over 8000 rpm.

The engineers have done a great job and installed two parallel LPG 5-cylinder vaporizers into the suction tract and 80liter gas tank to be able to use LPG. The tuner doesn’t mention any performance loss during LPG burning, but it declares perfect parameters, as 100kmph in 4.5 seconds. It can reach 200 km/h in less than 14 seconds of brutal acceleration of this hybrid coupe and it could reach a maximum speed of 318 km/h, so the GP3.10 Gas Powered is currently the fastest LPG powered car in the world. The price of this fabulous car is around 198,000 euros, but it’s just an informative price without any chance to buy, because of the car’s exclusivity.