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Crashed BMW X5 Tuned Into Road Warrior


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If you’ve ever had someone rear-end you or unfortunately you hit someone else, it’s not always the end of the world based on this BMW X5 example. The owner of this SUV decided to enhance the car after the wreck by bringing it to Fluid Motor Union.

However, the owner abandoned the car, so FMU was left with they now call Project X. They started off with a new set of Cragar steel rims wrapped in Dick Cepek tires featuring skull and bones on the sidewalls.

BMW X5 Tuned Into Road Warrior 2

After the new wheels fit snuggly, a lift kit was necessary, so the custom shop developed their very own for this project to raise the BMW X5 1 to 2 inches. A final performance modification is the 304 stainless steel exhaust system with dual exhaust tips exiting the rear.

Now for the styling additions, a large bull-bar was installed on the front while a roof rack holding the spare was put on top along with two Hella lights. Next, a custom matte Field Grey paint color was applied to the exterior and inside some trim was painted satin black to match the grilles.

BMW X5 Tuned Into Road Warrior 3

During this transformation, Fluid Motor Union found a buyer for the BMW X5, but check out the video below of the SUV shooting flames.

BMW X5 Tuned Into Road Warrior 4

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