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Visconti is the name of an antique family from Milan, a name that was used in 2004 for an Alfa Romeo concept that was revealed at Geneva Motor Show. It looks like a 4-door coupe and it has the same engine from Alfa Romeo Brera. The difference is that here the engine is biturbo and this 3.200 cmc has incredible performances. The italian V6 engine could develop 405 HP and a maximum torque of 680 Nm at just 2.000 RPM. The engine is located in the front side of the car and the car traction is four wheel drive. This Alfa Romeo has a 6-step automatic gearbox and Brembo ceramic brakes. Everything is in perfect harmony at this car and it has a feature that is quite unique at cars at the moment: it can change it’s direction with all four wheels and you won’t find errors at this car.

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