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Day by day summer is closer and if you’ve got a cabrio or convertible you’ll get it our of your garage and try to make it as beautiful as you can. If you’ve got an Alfa Romeo Spider and you want to change it’s look, the guys from Novitec would definitely be the right pick for you. They’ve designed a great body kit for Alfa Romeo Spider that makes nicer and sportier. They’ve created a special aerodynamic body kit with a new aggressive front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper. If you wasn’t pleased with your car’s engine, or if you thought your engine was not noisy enough, they’ve changed the exhaust system and installed a new, high-performance one with 4 exhaust pipes that makes your car sound crazy even when you’re driving at low speed. Since there were a lot of changes at the exterior, the car also received new rims and tires. Novitec installed 20″ rims with Pirelli tires and a new suspension system that makes the car’s handling really easy

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