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Proton WIRA 2006 Tuning


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Even though this car is a bit old, this Proton has a lot of secrets that will impress everyone. It has a front bumper taken from a Mitsubishi Evo III, side skirts from Evo II and a rear wing from the ’95 Lancer. The exterior won’t be as impressive as a new supercar but this car’s interior is awesome. With new gauges, new steering wheel and sport pedals everyone will feel like a race driver in this car. But the best part just starts: In car Entertainment made from a lot of components like: Alpine DVA-9860E DVD head unit, a universal remote controller Alpine RUE-4191 DVD and an 8″ LCD. Everywhere in the car you can see Boston Acoustics S60 speakers and the owner also installed 2 amps: one from Oxygen Audio with 800W and one from Phoenix Gold with 200W. Since any high performance sound system must have a quality subwoofer, this car received a 12″ JBL with 1000W. If this car would receive some air horn kits this will definetely sound awesome everywhere it goes. This Proton is an example of how you can tune your car if you can’t spend too much on it. You can turn your ride into a racing car, disco on wheels, you can make it sound like a truck if you install truck horn kits and this won’t cost you too much. If you have imagination you will pimp your ride as you wish!

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