Prindville Prestige Lamborghini Murcielago is one of the top of the line supercars and luxury limos experiencing very great demand in the preceding years that resulted in record sales to the delight of manufacturers, but has on the other hand resulted in customers owning not so exclusive models. The rest of the panels, along with the roof, have been replaced and modified. Now the car comes with a more menacing front valance and highly attractive sills, a more active valance at the rear through which protrudes a uniquely designed titanium sports exhaust system, doors without handles equipped with remote electric opening, and a modified engine compartment cover that comes with see-through cooling louvers. Carbon fiber elegantly finishes all the body panels.

Featured on the Murcielago by Prindiville is a customized interior, improved with the use of high quality ostrich leather and aluminum highlights that were precision-milled. High attention to detail is demonstrated in minor touches, precision engineered aluminum air intake and others. Prindiville removed the plastic air vents because they deemed it an unworthy component of the car’s interior. Even though the vents were expensive they decided to replace them with an aluminum version since the firm felt that things should be done as it should be.

On board entertainment and communications systems are left to the customers to decide what they really want to include in their car. Additional features that come with the Murcielago by Prindiville are miniature cameras installed on both door mirrors. They function as protection for the sills and alloy wheels when the car is parked adjacent to high curbs. The cameras provide image feed to the monitor in the cabin to help the driver see what he cannot otherwise. As part of the system, there is also a camera mounted cleanly on the rear valance.

[via 4wheelsnews]