The high-end car manufacturer Maybach has revealed a new eyewear collection for those interested in luxury glasses or sunglasses. This eye wear will be produced by the German maker IVKO, and the lenses are from Zeiss. Made from high quality materials, the glasses style range from fine wood, to leather, natural horn, titanium, 18-carat white, yellow, and rose gold. Several types of Maybach sunglasses and regular glasses are also available that all sport the Maybach logo. This collection of new Maybach eyewear will launch towards the end of October 2010, and be available for purchase through the company outlets.

The complete collection of Maybach eyewear includes eight different models of sunglasses in up to nine colors, while Maybach offers ten spectacle frames in six colors. I’m surprised that luxury car makers haven’t launched complete lines of glasses earlier! Now, I might not be able to afford a real Maybach car, but this is probably the closest most poeple will be able to get to owning something of the Maybach brand.

[Source: Maybach Eyewear]