Office-K Maybach 57S Tune

With the announcement of the Maybach line of cars coming to an end in the near future, we are surprised to see tuners releasing some custom work. Ever since the German custom shop Xenatec filed for bankruptcy, it appears that the modified Maybach 57S models will become a rare luxury car in a few years. However, this didn’t stop the tuning experts at Office-K from cooking up some new modifications for the four-door limousine.

Project Kahn Maybach 57

The tuners at Project Kahn have put this Maybach 57 together for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th. Typically, royal weddings are celebrated with commemorative stamps, coins and other expensive memorablilia, but this one will be unique with a custom Maybach 57 limousine for the newlyweds. The high-end luxury car has been fitted with a 4HRH license plate to stand for “For His Royal Highness”, and features a pearl white paint job with 22-inch Kahn RS rims. The tuning firm smoked out the taillights and added some unique touches to the interior which is hidden by Pentagon privacy glass.

Xenatec Maybach 57 S Coupe is amazing

The German tuners from Xenatec have released this latest masterpiece based on the Maybach 57 S Coupe and it does look amazing. Based off the Maybach 57S, the build will be limited to 30 units, each priced at €675,000 without taxes. In Germany the car will have the price of €800,000 with all tax included. When comparing to a stock Maybach 57S limousine, the major changes seen here are on the B and C pillars, doors, side panels, and front and rear fenders. An example is the B-pillar moved 20 cm back, resulting in the new door panels leading to the taillights to allow 20 mm more width at the rear wheel wells. Xenatec finished the exterior styling with a set of 21-inch wheels, rear diffuser, and installed new front and rear bumpers with a more sporty look for the customers.

New Maybach Eyewear

The high-end car manufacturer Maybach has revealed a new eyewear collection for those interested in luxury glasses or sunglasses. This eye wear will be produced by the German maker IVKO, and the lenses are from Zeiss. Made from high quality materials, the glasses style range from fine wood, to leather, natural horn, titanium, 18-carat white, yellow, and rose gold. Several types of Maybach sunglasses and regular glasses are also available that all sport the Maybach logo. This collection of new Maybach eyewear will launch towards the end of October 2010, and be available for purchase through the company outlets.

ArmorTech Maybach 57S Coupe

The Russian tuning company at ArmorTech who specialize in bullet proofing cars decided to tune the Maybach 57S Coupe. Featuring several styling and performance upgrades, the tuning firm was lucky to get their hands on this prestigious car. First, they added a new front fascia with LED daytime running lights, installed additional air intakes, a new roof, rear bumper, and integrated diffuser. They even moved the pillars back 20 cm on the Maybach, before installing two large exhaust pipes for enhanced styling. The ArmorTech Maybach 57S Coupe rides on stunning 20-inch rims, however customers can purchase larger 21-inch wheels if they feel the need.