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Mansory hasn’t revealed any information about their latest project: a modified Bugatti Veyron Vincero but the exotic car dealer Prestige Cars from United Arab Emirates already posted this car for sale. According to them only three examples have been built. From the pictures we can see that the Veyron-based Vincero features a carbon fiber hood and engine cover, an awesome paint job that’s perfectly matched with a set of black alloy wheels and a lot of other carbon fiber elements. The car’s interior was also improved a lot and “luxury” is a word too small to describe the comfort from this ride. The guys from Mansory reupholstered the interior in black and white with carbon fiber trim.

It’s not a car for everyone’s taste, this Vincero is a ride for “winners”, speed fanatics that love to drive their car at fast speeds with incredible confort. I think it would be wiser to keep this car in the garage if you don’t want anything damanged to it. The guys from Prestige Cars haven’t said how much they are asking for this ride, but we’re pretty sure it’s price is amazing! Until we find out more about it… enjoy these lovely photos:

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