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Königseder Opel GT’aime

Opel GT was considered the best convertible car in 2007 with one of the greatest designs and best features. One year later Konigseder thought that it’s standard design could use a couple of modifications and started to improve an Opel GT. The brought this lovely car a new design and a couple of engine improvements too. The front side was a changed by adding a new spoiler below the front bumper that gives the car a more aggressive look and i bet it also helps a lot with car’s aerodynamics. The rear side of the car was changed by installing new tail lights and a rear wing that co-ordinates perfectly with the car’s front side.

The car’s engine also suffered small modifications ment to give the car a power boost. Konigseder installed a high performance engine cooling unit that helps the car gain 35 addtional horse power. The car’s handling was also improved by adding new KW suspensions and great Brembo brakes that will make this car’s handling really easy. Since they wanted every part from this car perfect, the tuning company installed 20″ Las Pegas Giovanna Dalar Rims and amazing red brake clipers that would make a great contrast. At the interior, they made it look really luxurious and everything has the signature GT’aime.

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