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The tuners at EDS were able to make a monster out of the Opel Astra OPC. German EDS tuning specialists are doing their best to offer Opel enthusiasts several aftermarket parts to boost the power. They are still a relatively unknown company based out of Marl, Germany, but have released a stunning kit for the most powerful Opel car, the Astra holding a 1.6-liter turbo powerplant. It was modified with a new Garret GT28 turbocharger, high performance sports exhaust system, new manifold, and ECU tuning to optimize the customizations. With these parts the Opel Astra OPC puts down 360 horsepower and 480 Nm of torque on the dyno.

For performance on the track, the EDS tuning pros installed a Quaife differential lock, new sport clutch, and high performance brake kit. The brake upgrade consists of perforated discs for extra cooling and 8-piston calipers. A sports suspension lowers the Opel, while new 20-inch rims were installed wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires measuring 235/35/ZR20 tires up front and 275/30/ZR20 at the rear. The Opel Astra exterior styling was kept minimal to still have that sleeper look, consisting of new upper and lower grilles painted black, side sills, and rear apron holding a diffuser and the four tailpipes.

[Source: carscoop]

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