The guys from Konigseder have released a new car tuning and styling kit for the BMW E92/E93 models. Included in the package is a new body kit and a few performance upgrades. The exterior of the BMW E92/E93 received an aero body kit consisting of a new front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper spoiler. The redesigned front gives the new BMW a much more aggressive look with the fog lights just above the sharp pointing front bumper. Koenigseder also hooked it up with an aftermarket wheel kit from Competec, and if the customer would like the brakes upgraded, they also offer a Brembo braking system.

Inside the BMW E92/E92 by Konigseder are a couple customizations to the seats and color scheme, and upon request they can modify it even further. For performance increases they will install a new free flowing exhaust system with the optimized ECU tuning to have everything running perfect. If you want just the styling kit, it is priced around 2,000 euro. To have the complete package with the wheels, brakes, upgraded suspension, lowering springs, and the exhaust it will cost around 5,000 euro. Both are fair prices from Konigseder to have your BMW stand out from the crowd.