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Porsche Electric Car, Not a Hybrid


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Here is a unique electric car created by Jeff McCabe with the Porsche 928 frame and body, since he couldn’t afford the Tesla Roadster. To make this work, he needed to remove a majority of the weight of the car, over 1,700 lbs to be exact. Jeff did this by removing the engine, transmission gears 1st, 4th, and 5th, most of the electronics, pop-up headlights, and interior luxury pieces. All this was swapped out to fit 1,300 pounds of 750 lithium iron-phosphate cells, after his initial run with lead acid batteries. The stock wheels and brakes were also trashed for lighter components, while the glass was replaced with lexan windows.

The result with this Porsche 928 is a good looking sports car that drives for 115+ miles without needing a recharge, and tops out at 85 miles per hour in 3rd gear. It could go much faster if he left the higher gears in the transmission, however for the best performance, it was necessary to remove them. Check out the video below to meet the guy who put together this incredible electric car project.

[Source: carscoop]

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