Impul Nissan 370Z

Impul is a Japanese tuning company famous for their complete packages based on popular Japanese cars. Their latest modified car is called Impul 935S, a vehicle based on a Nissan 370Z that received power, aerodynamic and handling upgrades. The new body kit has an aggressive front bumper which gives the car a trademark Impul facelift, new side skirts, rear half bumper and a rear wing to complete the car’s sportive design. The car comes with 19″ Impul Racing Acura SR-08 rims in sizes of 19×8.5 + 21 at the front side and 19×8.5 + 29 on the rear side  equipped with wide tires and it also has a new brake system and a special suspension made by Impul which makes this 370Z handle really well at high speeds.

Branew Nissan GT-R Black Edition

Branew loves to modify Nissans and their white GT-R was turning heads at every car show where the company took it. The white GT-R by Branew received positive feedback everywhere and now the tuning company decided to launch a second demo car painted in black. The car is one of the best examples of GT-R tuning and it’s equipped with the latest Branew body styling parts. The front side of the car received a new front lip spoiler which adds a stylish touch to the front end. The tuner also installed wide side skirts which work really well against the 22″ Matte Finish wheels. Nissan tuning magazine has other modified GT-Rs but the newest demo car from Branew is more aggressive and sportier than any other tuning kits for this car.

Central 20 Nissan 370Z

Nissan owners probably have tons of options when it comes to modify their cars. Central 20 is a japanese car tuning company that tried to create a unique tuning package for the Nissan 370Z and even though they are less well known their modified 370Z is almost perfect. The car tuners made a new body kit with a longer front bumper, side skirts, a new rear bumper with air vents that looks almost as the one from a Audi R8 and other elements to improve this car’s aerodynamics and looks. Central 20 also installed a set of black alloy rims, a new exhaust system with quad tailpipes and a sport suspension that lowers the 370Z.

Cobra Nissan GT R

It seems that everyone is trying to make their own version of Nissan GT-R. The car was a hit everywhere in the world and many tuning companies made special modification packages for this ride. A couple of days ago the guys from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle released their own upgrade package for the GT-R. The standard version of this car has a 3.8L V8 engine that delivers 485 HP but after a couple of improvements, the Cobra Nissan GT-R could deliver 550 HP at a maximum torque of 680 Nm. To get this power boost the car’s engine cooling unit was re-programmed and it also received an increased boost pressure and sport air filters. Even though it’s not ready yet, this Cobra Nissan GT-R will receive a high performance exhaust system made from stainless steel with metal catalysts.

Zele Nissan R35 GT-R

Nissan GT-R R35 is probably the Nissan that everyone tries to modify. The car looks really well as a stock car but with serious improvements it’s a reputable racing car. The guys from Zele have created a special tuning kit that is made from a lot of carbon fiber accessories. The exterior body kit is made from the front bumper, side skirts, rear spoiler, a modified front grill and Rays rims. I’m not really impressed with the car’s color but i’m sure you could order any paint you want. They’ve also worked at the car’s performances and the car is faster now with an upgrade at the engine cooling unit. They car’s speed limit was also eliminated and it could reach incredible speeds now. Zele also installed new exhaust system made from titanium and this car will have a warranty of 1 year. Clients could choose from wet or dry carbon elements and most elements cost around $1,000.

Nissan Silvia

Nissan Silva

You all know that Nissans are really great for car tuning and you can do miracles with your Nissan if you hire a good car tuner. If 350z or 240sx have a lot of options tuning, few tuning companies have thought at Nissan Silva. ChargeSpeed is one of those companies that made something for this Nissan. Even though it’s a bit expensive, Silvia is a car that have a huge tuning potential. Silva owners are now happier after ChargeSpeed has created an unique body kit designed for their cars. The body kit is formed by: front and rear bumpers, side skirts, eyelids for headlights, new hood and new trunk made from carbon fiber. Also, the car is wider now with 2 mm in front and 3 mm in the rear part.