Tom Coronel starting the 2011 WTCC for BMW

It has been announced that Tom Coronel will start the 2011 World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) in a BMW 320 TC. The Dutch driver has been a competitor in the WTCC for six seasons now, and is excited to get started on his next challenge in the BMW. After a two day testing period with the new BMW 320 TC at the Vallelunga track near Rome, Tom Coronel said, “the new 1.6 litre turbo engine has a great throttle response and provides a lot of power.” He is very confident about this upcoming season, however new regulations have forced BMW Motorsports to modify their WTCC cars. After the customizations, the BMW still holds the 1.6-liter turbo engine, producing around 315 horsepower.

Vivid Racing Shop Story

Since 2001, Vivid Racing has been a premier car tuning company located in Arizona. They have continually made statements and turned heads when it comes to the tuning industry. Starting with nothing in hand, to building a multi-million dollar company, the founders Dan Mermelstein and Rob Rohn have turned Vivid Racing into one of the most recognized brands in the aftermarket tuning industry. They have been featured in several magazines about their business and cars, some including DUB magazine, Performance Business, and Entrepreneur. Both Rob and Dan have competed in many auto events and shows. A few to name are the Gumball 3000 events, Bullrun Rally, and they have been on the “Import Racer” TV show featured on ESPN 2. Several demo cars the tuning firm built include cars for Pepsi, Mazda and Cusco, and Subaru.

Top 10 Modified Cars for 2008

The automotive world collectively focuses its attention on the new cars they will reveal in 2009. The last year wasn’t too great for the automotive industry and there will be a lot of advancements, some of technical nature, others of safety or environmental improvements but they focus more on cheaper and fuel efficient cars. The car tuners were really busy in 2008 and they revealed some breathtaking tuning packages. We love extreme modifications, unique and impressive cars and here are the top 10 modified cars for 2008 to salivate over:

10. JE DESIGN Seat Leon

They guys from JE Design made a lot of improvements for this ride. They created a wide body kit, installed LSD Doors and 18″ rims painted with the same color as the car. They modified this car’s engine to deliver 244 HP at a maximum torque of 355 Nm and now this Seat Leon could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.4 seconds.