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Irmscher specialists have truly outdone themselves in tuning their new urban mini MPV Kia Soul, quite the eye-catcher with Royal character and a complete transformation. With a fresh makeover, the Kia Soul Irmscher Edition 001 as it became known, was refitted with a remarkably stylish new interior as well as exterior. Born at one of Kia’s design centers in California , the Irmscher conversion takes advantage of its high-contrast exterior profile. To complement their sleek design Irmscher tuning specialists blackened the roof, mirror caps, along with the middle sections of the front and rear bumpers. Irmscher’s Edition 001 sticker (located on the side and rear of the compact city crossover) further amplifies their custom creations. Along with all that, the Kia Soul is offered with full set of low profile tires (225/45 R18) on black 18-inch Sports Star rims.

As for the interior, Irmscher’s Kia possesses luxurious carbon fiber like leather seats with red accents and embedded diamond patterns. This elegant design is continued on the steering wheel, dashboard peak, and shift knob. The Irmscher Kia Soul Edition 001 upgrades can be achieved with any and all Soul rides. Or if customizations aren’t for you, Edition 001 desires can be fulfilled at any Irmscher or Kia dealerships around the world.

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