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Forced Fed makes Lotus Elise even lighter


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If the Lotus Elise isn’t light enough for you, then look into having it tuned and cut up by Forced Fed in New York. This model is currently for sale in California, and has been converted into a track star with a ton of new parts totaling more than what the car is currently worth. To go along with the weight reduction, an Eaton supercharger, Alcon brakes, and Quaife differential have been installed on the Lotus Elise to boost the overall performance.

These aftermarket additions are reportedly worth $34,222 (€24,770), and if this Lotus Elise is something you would want to add to your garage, then be ready to spend around $28,977 (€20,970). Quite a deal if you look at how much has been forked over on all the aftermarket parts. The real question is where are the receipt pictures for all the money spent on this affordable Lotus Elise?

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