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For this original project, Brabus joined forces with German electricity company RWE to manufacture the Green Package for the Tesla Roadster Sport. It comes with a quick charging station for the owner’s garage, which is good for 30,000 kilometers worth of electric power. Buyers also receive a one-year pass to use all the public RWE charging stations whenever available. With the quick charging station, the Tesla Roadster can receive a full charge in less than six hours, for a driving range of 350 km. But, Brabus is still a top of the line tuning company that had to modify this little sports car. At the exterior they added a carbon fiber lip and installed LED daytime running lights in the front grille. A discrete carbon wing and diffuser were also added, however don’t think this is the only color paint option.

The body of the Tesla Roadster Sport can be painted in any color the customer chooses, while the tuners hooked it up with Monoblock S alloy rims measuring 18-inch in the front, and 19-inch at the rear. Wheels are finished in black and have a thin outline matching the color of the car. However, because it is an electric powered car, Brabus had to add a sound generator, that replicates the deep tone of a typical V8, to give it a race car feel. Inside the greened Tesla Roadster is a combination of perforated leather and Alcantara, while some other options are available, including scuff plates with illuminated Brabus logos, and a leather covered floor to match the seats.

[Source: carscoop]

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