Being a professional basketball player definitely has its perks, and here we have Andrew Bynum of the Los Angeles Lakers showing off his pimped out BMW M6. Out of all the cars he could have picked with his $13.8 million a year salary for the 2010-2011 season, he decided to go with a BMW M6. Personally, I would have just ordered a Bugatti with that kind of money, but the modifications Bynum went with were worth the time. He chose G-Power to increase the performance with a stage 3 kit consisting of a  new supercharger system, ECU tuning, and exhaust system. The result is over 800 horsepower in this custom M6, much more than the factory 500 hp, and he didn’t stop there.

A new body kit was installed, along with a wheel package, KW suspension kit, and this baby was ready for the track. I was wondering one thing myself, how 7-foot tall Andrew Bynum would fit into a sports car like this. He did eventually get in the car by moving his legs under the steering wheel, and showed off his red leather seats and carbon fiber treatment to the interior. Custom Brembo brakes were hooked up, as well as a two-tone black and white paint job. Decals were placed all around the car, which isn’t my cup of tea, however it does let people know what has been performed on this BMW M6, and the G-Power tuning is no joke.