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The Car Tuning Infographic

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012:

Car Tuning

When it comes to car tuning, the average car owner can always improve their ride with a few simple customization’s. Whether the tuning enthusiast is looking to add more power, styling or even gas mileage these days, the internet is the perfect source for finding this information. Most popular modified cars feature aftermarket parts like a cold air intake filter or a high performance exhaust to start off. Those looking for additional car styling may install new rims or wheels along with suspension modding to give it a new look. Here we have the ultimate car tuning infographic to help those decide which route they prefer to go with their tuned cars.

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Proton WIRA 2006 Tuning

Monday, September 15th, 2008:

Proton WIRA 2006 Tuning

Even though this car is a bit old, this Proton has a lot of secrets that will impress everyone. It has a front bumper taken from a Mitsubishi Evo III, side skirts from Evo II and a rear wing from the ’95 Lancer. The exterior won’t be as impressive as a new supercar but this car’s interior is awesome. With new gauges, new steering wheel and sport pedals everyone will feel like a race driver in this car. But the best part just starts: In car Entertainment made from a lot of components like: Alpine DVA-9860E DVD head unit, a universal remote controller Alpine RUE-4191 DVD and an 8″ LCD. Everywhere in the car you can see Boston Acoustics S60 speakers and the owner also installed 2 amps: one from Oxygen Audio with 800W and one from Phoenix Gold with 200W. Read More →

Car Tuning Central

Thursday, May 29th, 2008:

I always search for the best resource sites that are related to car tuning and I found a site with […] Read More →

Steinmetz Opel Corsa OPC

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008:

Steinmetz Opel Corsa OPC

Steinmetz has modified an Opel Corsa OPC. They created a new aerodynamic body kit and the tuning project is finished with 19″ rims and Steinmetz suspension system that brings the car closer to the ground with 30 mm. The 192 HP engine has received 10 additional horse power by adding a silencer left/right system. With 202 HP under the hood you can consider this car pretty brave and speedy for it’s size. The new suspension system improves the car’s handling a lot especially when you are driving at high speeds. The car’s bumpers are connected really nice by adding Steinmetz lines painted in silver. Read More →

Delta4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser V8

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008:

Delta4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser V8

Delta4x4 is a great tuning company from Germany and as their name suggests, they try to modify 4×4 cars. Their latest project was creating a tuning kit for Toyota Land Cruiser. The car tries to mix manually built elements with modern technology and there were a lot of changes at this car. The engine’s power grew from 286 to 318 HP and now the car could reach a maximum speed of 218 km/h and it could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.8 seconds, which is really fast for a 4×4 car. The guys also modified the car’s braking system, exhaust system and tried to make it less polluting.

As for exterior modifications, Delta4x4 tuning tried to make it shine really nice and installed front and rear guards made from stainless steel.  Read More →

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